Bring your gun VFX shots to the next level with our free bullet shell clips in After Effects.


Learning how to eject bullet shells from your gun when firing can add that extra detail that your scene needs.


In our new Quick Tips tutorial, we are going to show you how to eject bullet casings from your weapon inside After Effects. You can follow along with Clayton with our free bullet shells download!

This Quick Tips Tutorial will cover:

  • Compositing bullet shell ejections

  • Using a mask to create a port for shells to eject

  • Animating the shell flying out of the gun

  • Curving the animation path due to gravity

  • Adding color curves & blur to shells


If you haven't already, go download our free bullet shells to try out these techniques for yourself. Let's get this tutorial underway!

The full tutorial will be coming soon!

The full tutorial will be coming soon!

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