We lay the foundation of what EXR files are and how to use them.


Learning how to effectively use an EXR file and its render passes can not only increase your workflow, but it's also used widely throughout the industry, so knowledge of EXR passes are crucial.


Zac VanHoy, Lead Product Designer at ActionVFX, will give you a quick rundown of what you need to know about EXRs and how to use them.

This Quick Tips Tutorial covers:

  • What EXR passes are

  • Using the EXtractoR effect to access render passes

  • Using the Color Profile Converter effect

  • Ensuring your alpha channel is correct after adjustments

  • Using UnMult & Shift Channels to maintain transparency in smoke

Using EXR files can take your VFX compositing to the next level, and with this Quick Tips tutorial, you now have a good foundation as to what an EXR file is, and how to use it. 


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