Illuminate the sky with your lightning strikes in under three minutes.


To truly set your lightning VFX apart from the others is how you light up the sky around the bolt. Clayton Walker from ActionVFX is back at it with another Quick Tips tutorial, this time showing you how to add the brilliant light that comes with a lightning strike.


Remember, our lightning products are completely free, so you can download them and follow along with your own composition. Let's get started!

via Gfycat

This Quick Tips tutorial covers:

  • Adding illumination to scenes with lightning

  • Making layers 3D to use point lights

  • Using keyframes to appropriately time light flashes

  • Creating the illusion of light coming through the clouds

  • Using mask, feather, & opacity to create intense glows

Hopefully adding any type of quick, bright lights to your scene can be easier thanks to this Quick Tips tutorial! If you missed our last Quick Tips discussing how to achieve day to night effects in one minute, no worries. You can watch that by clicking 

right here.


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