Create the glow from a flickering fire easily while staying under budget.

Finding ways to innovate and bring value to your production while staying in your budget range can be a daunting task. Luckily your friends at ActionVFX are here to help with an easy DIY build.


Today's Quick Tips tutorial involves a problem a lot of filmmakers and VFX artists can relate to, and that is creating realistic fire flickers on set. The DIY build we discuss has helped our production team achieve the desired look on multiple occasions. 


Join Luke Thompson, COO of ActionVFX, to find out how you can produce a consistent fire flicker — all under $100.


This Quick Tips tutorial will cover:

  • Creating realistic fire flickers on set

  • Creating consistent flickers of light

  • Resources to buy such as bulbs, light sockets, & adapters

  • An easy DIY build to hold bulbs

Items used in this tutorial:

via Gfycat

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you now have a new way to produce fire flickers! Be sure to check out the rest of our tutorials to learn great tips and tricks to sharpen your compositing and filmmaking skills!


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